Wall Mural Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT: Hook & loop fasteners may NOT be suitable for some walls that have NOT been primed properly, please test before applying. Once attached firmly to the wall, only adjust the mural between the hook and the loop fasteners; do NOT stick and re-stick.

Written instructions below the video.

Installing Wall Murals - Step 1: Select and Measure!

1. Mark the Placement

Once you have chosen the area for your Biggies™ Wall Mural, plan for the center of the print to be at eye level or a little below. You might want to unroll the mural against your wall so you can choose the best placement. Standard walls are 8 feet high. Measure down from the ceiling in multiple places and see if this makes the best position for the top line of your mural in this particular room. Mark the wall lightly with a pencil in several spots to give you a visual target for placing the fasteners. If you can use a level when marking the wall to help ensure your mural attaches straight.

Installing Wall Murals - Step 2: Prepare and Clean

2. Clean the Wall

Use a gentle cleaner to remove any dust or residue where you will be placing the mural on your wall. Wait for the wall to dry completely before attaching the fasteners. 



Installing Wall Murals - Step 4: Finish

3. Attach Your Wall Mural

Following the pencil marks you made, attach the top row of fasteners. Start by sticking the mural to a corner fastener and unroll it while aligning the top edge with the row of fasteners. Have one person check the top edge with the level in several places as you work. Smooth the mural with your hand down the center and then toward each lower corner. Add remaining fasteners to secure the edges, the bottom of the mural, and the corners.
Installing Wall Murals - Step 5: Enjoy!

4. Finish and Enjoy!

Take a step back to admire the gorgeous landscape adorning your wall. Now that your wall mural is installed, you can decorate the surrounding area as you please to create a totally personalized space!

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