Window Well Scenes Installation Instructions

Window well covers or grates are recommended for more years of enjoyment of your Window Well Scenes® product. Extreme cold temperatures will make Hook & Loop fasteners not adhere to metal window wells, test before applying.

Written instructions below the video.

Step 1 - Prepare the Window Well

1. Prepare

Clean out debris in the window well and remove a few inches of rock or other material from the bottom of the window well; this will enable you to roll the panel into place with greater ease when installing it and will put the lower edge below the rocks when they are replaced which will anchor it. Measure your window well in several places from the top to the bottom (height) and from side to side (width) to check for plumb. Caution: Be generous with your measurements; the curved dimension may be difficult to measure perfectly. You can always trim more off, but you can’t add any back! Clean the metal or concrete with rubbing alcohol or other appropriate solvent to remove any residue where the adhesive strips will be placed. If your window well is especially deep, plan so that about one inch of rock covers the bottom edge of the liner. Don’t be concerned if the liner doesn’t reach the top rim of the well; the top cannot be seen from the room.

Step 2 - Measure the Window Well

2. Measure & Crop

Layout your Window Well Scenes image side upon a flat surface. Anchor the corners with something heavy if needed. Mark your window well measurements to select the area that looks best for your window well.

Step 3 - Trim to Size

3. Trim

Using a straight edge and a sharp blade/utility knife, or using appropriate scissors, carefully cut along the lines you made in step2. Protect the surface underneath the panel with a piece of wood or cardboard to avoid damage from the blade. Place the liner into the window well along the curve to make any final size adjustments.
Step 4 - Attach the Window Well Scene

4. Attach

Attach the individual paired hook & loop fasteners to the window well on the ridges that bump out toward the room. Avoid placing pieces on wet or rusted are as. Leaving the male and female sides connected as well as the backing paper, attach the strips to the metal. Put four pieces down each side being sure to hit the spots where the corners will be, four down the middle, and three down each curve. Put the remaining two pieces along the top edge. Starting on the free side of the rolled liner, remove the remaining backing paper from a set of fasteners. Start rolling out the liner, and rub on the liner where the fasteners are.

Step 5 - Finish and Enjoy the view!

5. Enjoy!

Replace the rock or other material in the bottom of the well to cover the bottom edge of the liner and add any additional decoration desired such as larger rocks, driftwood, or plants. Stand back and admire the dramatic change in your view. Enjoy!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Removing or covering up an escape ladder is not recommended, please use your own judgement. 

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