Wall Stickies FAQs

Wall Stickies™ are an affordable, easy, and immediate way to add high impact decorating touches to your rooms. After some easy wall preparation, you can attach them where you want them in a flash!

Wall Stickies™ are printed on a thin vinyl sheet that has a low-tack but durable adhesive.

No, the adhesive is not aggressive and is intended not pull away paint, wallboard, wallpaper, etc. when removed; the adhesive should not leave any residue on the wall.

The primary purpose of the Wall Stickies™ adhesive is for ease of initial application. In most cases, if the wall was prepared properly to remove grease, dirt, and dust*, the individual pieces can be attached to another properly prepared surface. The pieces should immediately be moved to the next prepared location, or they must be re-adhered to the original backing material. (*Dust the wall with a clean, dry cloth. If needed, use a damp cloth without any cleaning products and let the wall dry completely before applying Wall Stickies™.)

Yes, they are very easy to apply. Since our images are so big, we recommend that two people handle each piece to keep it from folding over. Position the middle and smooth out to the edges/extremities with your hand or a soft, dry cloth.

We regret the answer is no, not at this time. We are interested to learn about large order needs, so let us know what you are looking for.

We proudly produce all Wall Stickies™ in the United States. We use all USA materials and labor.

Yes, we can ship anywhere that FedEx or UPS can deliver.