Window Well Scenes® FAQs

Window Well Scenes® cover up and enhance ugly basement window wells creating an immediate decorating effect. They give the illusion of looking out the window at a beautiful view. Or, they look like 3D art on the wall.

The images are 100″ wide x 60″ high and 120″ wide x 60″ high. They can be cut to fit most window wells.

That’s simple—just measure carefully and crop the best section for your application. Remember that you will be looking up more as you get closer to the window so plan for a good view at the top of the image. Read the instruction sheet and follow it carefully. You can always cut off more but you can’t put any back once you have made a cut!

Window Well Scenes® are printed on a polypropylene or a polystyrene material with UV inks to resist fading. The materials are water resistant. They can withstand changes in temperature and moisture.

You can apply Window Well Scenes® to metal, concrete, and plastic window wells that have an upright vertical dimension. Some concrete wells might have a slant at the bottom. You can get creative with foreground camouflaging of this slant.

Hook & loop fasteners are included with the product. Complete installation instructions are provided. No special tools are needed, and installation is straightforward. Be sure to follow the instructions about cleaning the window well surface first so the hook & loop will adhere. We have found that if you warm up the strip of hook & loop with a warm hair dryer for several seconds before beginning to apply it, the adhesive will become much stickier and more effective.

You can use your creativity with the foreground of the well by adding decorative rock, mulch, flat pavers, fake/real plants, or other material that complements the scene. Add other decorative touches like small landscape sculptures, a toy sand shovel and pail for the beach scene, and so on. These personal touches make your scene unique.

The purpose of the large egress window wells is for safety for you and your family and visitors to escape and for fire fighters to get in. Do not obstruct this purpose. Some ladders are moveable and can be placed toward one side. You can purchase a ladder that hangs from the lip of the well and is not bolted on. Use your own best judgment for this important safety issue. Sinergi Enterprises, Inc., the manufacturer, and Biggies, Inc., the reseller, do not advocate covering up an egress ladder.

Yes, you can remove dirt using light motions with a damp, soft cloth. Use a mild solution of dishwashing liquid in water if needed. You can even hose them off.

No, it isn’t necessary, but we do recommend it to keep your well clean and protect the product from intense wind and heavy snow.

The manufacturer of Window Well Scenes® does not accept custom orders at the present time.

New images will be introduced periodically. You can help us with that process by going to our Feedback page to let us know what kinds of images you would like to see. We’ll let the manufacturer know what images our customers want to see.

Yes, we can ship anywhere that FedEx or UPS can deliver but must charge an additional $10 border fee.