Revitalize Your Space: From Drab to Fab with Window Well Decorating Ideas

Window Well Scenes revitalize space - after

Dingy Dungeon to Serene Sanctuary

Revamping a dark, dingy area in your home can be a game changer in terms of ambiance and aesthetics. Every corner of your living space holds potential for transformation, and turning a doom and gloom room into a vibrant and inviting space does not have to be as labor-intensive and expensive as many people assume. 

Take your basement for instance. Traditionally known for being the most unkempt and forgotten part of the home, basements often hold immense potential for creativity and style. So if you find yourself wanting to spruce up a neglected room in the house, consider starting with some small design changes, and you may be surprised at the transformative effect they have. Indeed, you don’t have to settle for the dark, depressed man cave; dress your basement up with ambient lighting, maybe some faux hardwood floors, and the ultimate transformational catalyst — window well scenes.

An Ocean View will transform your space!

A Window into Another World

Have you ever peered through the dingy, spider-web-stricken window in your basement, only to be greeted by the sight of an ugly galvanized steel window well liner or some unruly weeds? It’s moments like these that lead you to question the very purpose of a basement window, and maybe even why you went down to the basement in the first place. Often, people overlook the impact of a dreary view on the vibe of their basement, or any room in general. They instinctively conclude, “Well, I can’t change the view,” leading many to redirect their efforts to what they believe they can alter. 

However, you don’t necessarily have to surrender to the doom and gloom your window looks out to, as a window well liner can not only conceal a drab view but simultaneously serve as an eye-catching focal point that pulls a space together. Window well murals are the latest move in modern design, breathing life into those dimly lit, overlooked areas, and turning them into cozy, inviting retreats. 

Indeed, by introducing the right elements, you can completely revamp your uninviting space and do so without breaking the bank. In this article, we are going to focus on some of the ways to enhance the mood of your space, elevating the distinctive style and aesthetic theme.

Take a walk in the woods with Biggies Window Well Scenes

Verdant Vistas: Crafting a Green Sanctuary

Imagine replacing a dreary sight with a vibrant forest scene or a peaceful waterway vista. One function of window wall art is to replace an unsightly window well, marred by cobwebs, dirt, and trash, with a stunning view of nature. 

This can be especially useful for basement windows boasting views of galvanized metal, dull concrete, or unattended backyards. See how this industrial window well takes away from a room’s style and ambiance:

Before you begin - an empty window well
Reminiscent of a jail cell, austere gray backgrounds, and uninteresting landscapes, can make a space cold and uninviting to visitors. Instead, harness the warmth and beauty of the great outdoors with a window well scene depicting valley of green or a captivating forest. See how this window is transformed with the installation of the Beach” Window Well Scene
Window Well Scenes revitalize space - after

Notice the stark contrast between a bare window well and one with a view of nature – these liners are a simple yet powerful way to bring warmth and tranquility to an otherwise cold and lifeless abode.  

Beach Scene transforms space - Room with a View!

Coastal Charm: Embracing the Beach Theme

Enhance a coastal-themed home by incorporating a window well mural drenched in ocean hues and maritime motifs. A beach-themed window well scene not only elevates the design but also ensures a fluid transition from the outdoors to your indoor space. Consider complementing such a mural with furniture in nautical shades of dark blue and sandy beige, along with decor pieces that reflect classic maritime elements. 

For example, a beachy ambiance can be made more distinctive with some seashell-shaped candles, flamingo figurines, and a flat weave, honeycomb-colored rug. Maintaining this thematic continuity throughout your home helps elevate the experience of the room and fortifies your home’s nautical aesthetic resonance.

Mountain View - Biggies Window Well Scene

Rustic Theme: Capturing the Rugged Mountains Aesthetic 

Nestled in the mountains? Consider embracing a rustic theme throughout your basement and selecting a window well liner to reinforce the aesthetic effect. These scenes bring the grandeur of the rugged peaks right into your basement, enhancing the rustic charm of your mountain home. Complement this backdrop with rustic furniture in earthy colors and in textures that echo the natural environment. By selecting window well scenes that resonate with the architectural style and natural surroundings of your upstate abode, you create a cohesive design narrative and style. 

Illuminating Accents

Lighting has long been known as one of the single most influential components in interior design. This transformative element, particularly when paired with window well murals, can help to create a distinctive ambiance for your space. Consider string lights to softly illuminate the mural or other hanging wall art, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. 

It’s important to maintain consistent lighting tones within each room for a cohesive aesthetic. For instance, if you opt for cool white lights in the kitchen, ensure all lighting fixtures match this tone. Similarly, warm or neutral white lighting in living areas or bedrooms should be consistent across all light sources, from overhead fixtures to lamps, enhancing the overall ambiance and mood set by your chosen mural.

Pro tip: Incorporating lighting that complements the seasons depicted in your murals can further enhance the ambiance. For example, a soft amber glow can mimic the warm essence of a summer sunset or the cozy feel of an autumn forest.

Foliage, Furniture, and Figurines


Complement your window well art with matching foliage and figurines. For a secret garden theme, fairy figurines or potted plants can create an enchanting woodland ambiance. 

Similarly, you may choose to place mini cacti plants or hanging flower pots alongside a desert-themed scene to reinforce a more natural feel. 

Ultimately, incorporating foliage not only augments your basement’s thematic decor but may also infuse a touch of romance or a calming, zen-like energy, depending on your chosen flora.

Furniture & Figurines

A cohesive color scheme throughout your space can significantly elevate its aesthetic appeal. Match your window well mural’s colors with your area rug, couch, and other furniture. When selecting furniture, consider pieces that are versatile and timeless, or opt for more distinctive items with a specific purpose in mind. The key is to create a harmonious environment where every element, from the mural to the furniture, complements each other, contributing to the overall theme and style of the room.

Pro tip: When selecting furniture, think of each piece as a complement to the story told by your window well scene. A rustic wooden table or a sleek, modern chair can act as characters in the narrative of your room’s design.

Pulling it All Together

These window well decorating ideas offer numerous possibilities to transform your basement from a forgotten space into a thoughtfully curated area that reflects your unique style and integrates thematically with the rest of your home. 

Whether it’s through choosing the perfect mural, playing with decor, or getting creative with lighting, there are plenty of ways to jazz up a room and give your home’s aesthetic a boost– all without having to sell a kidney.

With a focus on practicality and personalization, these tips are meant to ignite your own creativity and allow your home’s distinctive style to shine through. Don’t worry if the perfect blend of window well art and furnishings eludes you at first; feel free to experiment with various combinations, and watch as what was once a mundane area morphs into a cohesive part of your home’s design narrative.