4 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Office Cubicle

Beach scene - 90" wide

For many, the time to return to the office is at hand, and if you’re anything like me, the return to an office can be a cold slap in the face. Giving up my fuzzy slippers and comfy home environment for a sterile office cubicle is not something I’m not looking forward to.

If you share similar trepidation about returning to your office, I’ve got some ideas to help brighten your cubicle bringing your passion, productivity, and personal touches back to work. 

For The Traveler

For an adventurous few, management telling you to work from home was taken figuratively and not literally. You may have been one who used the time when it was safe to travel to do exactly that. Working from around the country or around the world, where the only thing holding you back was the time zone differences. Giving up real tropical landscapes for a 4’ x 4’ workstation can be a tough pill to swallow, but maybe bringing that nature vibe into your cubicle will help make it a little less of a rough transition. 

Biggies wall murals capture the scenes of forests, beaches, and more to bring back fond memories of your adventures. A sunset beach is a favorite, not to mention the beautiful scenery that can be created by adding some flowers or plants to your desk. Fake flowers are a perfect option for workspaces with less light, and they can be more customizable and available year-round.

While a cubicle is as far from a sandy beach as you can get, it doesn’t hurt to try and bring the vibes a little closer to a day in front of the water. Perhaps embrace the serenity of the sand and place a zen garden next to your screen. Raking designs through the grains is a great way to cleanse your intellectual palate during a slump.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good mocktail to spice up a workday! Close your eyes to the smell of the beach diffuser on your desk and sip a Shirley temple and suddenly you have a little bit of that escape right in your office. If a mocktail isn’t quite your thing, a drink umbrella stash in your desk drawer can be a great investment to bring a little whimsy to your drink of choice. 

For the PJ Bottoms Worker

Mountain Flowers Wall MuralMost if not all of us have attuned our work wardrobe to accommodate what the webcam sees in our zoom meetings. Meaning, mainly, business on top and sweats down below. That being said, investing in some comfortable work pants may be the first step in returning to the office. The next step is going to be bringing that feeling of coziness and home into your office. Comfort is an underrated morale booster and those bunny slippers under your desk can be our little secret.

Set the mood. Any cozy connoisseur knows lighting is key to creating a comfortable vibe. Color-changing bulbs, lamps, string lights; whatever you prefer on a small scale to give you the control over the workspace that you really want. When thinking of comforting all the senses, scent can be covered with a diffuser or a candle warmer. With the option of a new scent every day, add some plants in to fill empty spaces and you can transport yourself to a moody coffee shop or a park bench.

A big scarf or favorite sweater is a great way to wrap up in between meetings and decompress. Those who are committed to desk comfort can add a back support pillow and a throw blanket to add some detail to your decor and enhance the warmth of your space. Bunny slippers aren’t a joke, storing a pair that are easy to put on while at your desk is a great idea, just don’t forget to switch your shoes before your next meeting.

Maximalism is in and can make a space feel lived in and expressive. Bring personality into your office space with calming wall art like the Mountain Flowers print. Add in some personal touches like a mug or bobblehead, and you have a home away from home.

For the Organizer

Those of us who took working from home in stride, shifting from office to home office was nothing thanks to the meticulous organization and adhering to a schedule. Truly the most well-adjusted of us returning to the office, but entering that empty space again can be overwhelming. At home everything has a place and order, prepare to restore order to your office desk and ease the transition for yourself. 

Functional decor is the name of your game. Biggies has combined 2 of everyone’s favorite things, wall art and dry erase calendars. With images to match any theme, your cubicle can start to feel like yours again.

It’s obvious moving back into your office can be overwhelming, and making sure everything has a space can take a long time in between the work you have. Investing in a desk organizer right away can ease some of that stress. Many of them offer a few places to store your essentials within arms reach, or throw one in a drawer and hide away any loose pieces that clutter your workspace.

For the Fidgeter 

Astroid Belt Wall MuralSitting for eight hours isn’t easy for everyone. At least when at home, getting work done can be done in between doing things for yourself. You dictate the hours you must focus on, to an extent of course. Try setting up little breaks throughout the day to let yourself breathe, stretch, and refocus.

Take staring into space to a whole new level with the Biggies space print wall murals. All jokes aside, breaking up the monotony of blank walls and giving yourself something to focus on besides words on a screen can be a great break for you and your eyes. Something like The Asteroid Belt mural can be equally interesting and soothing. 

It may seem like something your mom would use to burn calories at work, but a desk peddle is a great option for those of us that can work from a treadmill. Just to give yourself something to do while dredging through emails. Those office walks are great, but can only last for so long. Another option is fidget toys, which have become a must-have over the past couple of years. Keeping a few at your desk can help the need to tap or look elsewhere to satisfy the need for stimulation. Instead of scrolling try a spin around the ol’ fidget spinner. Be prepared, a fidget collection is bound to make your cubicle the most popular one in the office. 

Bring Some Joy Back to Work 

Changing schedules and adding the natural stress of office life can be overwhelming at first. Making small changes can be all it takes to flip the perspective of stress to confidence. Work will always be work, but there’s no reason to suffer through it. Bring a little joy into every part of your day with some of these ideas. 

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