Wall Mural Transforms A Kid’s Room

Carolina Coast wall mural transforms dorm room

If there’s one thing we can’t stop children from doing, it’s growing. Out of their shoes, their clothes, and (fingers crossed) their teenage attitudes. A consistent change that we as caregivers get to witness is the evolution of their personal tastes. From their favorite color to their favorite musicians–it’s inevitable. What can become a daunting task to those providing care and housing to these developing humans is keeping up with their ever-changing tastes in room decor. In a world where renovation is rampant, having options to quickly change the aesthetics of your environment can be a vital tool for keeping peace and style in your household.

Biggies Wall Murals are crafted to withstand the test of time and extreme weather while creating a welcoming and unique environment. With a wide range of illustrations and photos, these imaginative prints are easy to install and are created to flip the theme and color scheme of any room in a few simple steps, allowing creativity to thrive throughout your children’s lifetime.

For the New Addition

When welcoming a new baby to your home, the nursery design can be an important focal point that requires creativity and personality. Incorporating calming colors and pleasing contrast is a simple way of developing a space that is both functional and favorable. Building your aesthetic around a particular theme is one way to prepare an individualized space for an upcoming member of the family. 

Bringing in greens, yellows, grays, and whites is a simple way of keeping the tone of the room gender-neutral as well as comfortable. When a nautical theme is the ultimate goal, the South Carolina Coast may be the perfect selection. Blending a soft ambiance of ocean water with the brilliance of a sun-baked summer day on the beach, this print provides a variety of theme options to build your room design around. Adding elements such as framed seashells or netting to the decor is a simple and inexpensive way of tying the room together.

The Stream landscape brings the warmth of the rustic woods, highlighting a lush illusion of the deep forest with icy tones of churning water, encapsulating the energy of the great outdoors. When designing your theme around the picturesque prestige of a snow-peaked mountain living, dive into the cool waters of the Lake wall mural. The azure blue is a well-known color used to induce healthy sleeping habits, which may be invaluable when soothing a restless infant. Adding things such as silk florals or ivy can add intrinsic value to the environment. 

Cascading pinks and deepening violets of the Floral Sunset supply an array of brilliant colors and textures, proven to provide visual stimulation and emotional balance. When used with natural elements such as real flowers or framed artwork, the combination becomes cohesive, telling the story of each space.

As the years pass, the personalities of our ‘littles’ become more visible, their tastes more defined. Having the option to update and renovate a child’s surroundings without the need for a drop of paint can prove to be efficient and cost-effective. As we know, there is a small threshold of time between childhood and adolescence where magic and whimsy still exist, an important creative span of time for a growing imagination. Perhaps your child prefers the mystic beauty of a hidden fairy forest, the Aspen Grove provides an escape from the mundane surroundings of their bedroom and creates a palette of enriching colors to spark their creativity. Additives such as fairy lights and a white net canopy can elevate the imaginative and creative outlet for your child to indulge.

If space is the final frontier for your small humanoid, the Land of 3 Suns will transport them to another world for them to explore. Displaying a visual design that could be paired with items such as glow-in-the-dark stars and wall-safe adhesive planets can bring the beauty and wonder of the universe to you.

For the future astronauts who will be navigating the future of the skies, the Space Shuttle scene can bring you there in the security of your own room and imagination. With the vivid details you would find at an actual space launch, your child’s creativity will be launched from their four walls to the vast universe above.

Kid's Room Transformed by Wall Mural

If your child prefers the thrill of underwater life as opposed to having their head in the clouds, the Ocean Reef landscape could be the perfect fit. A brilliant combination of colors allows for a greater variety of complementary designs. Adding elements such as under-the-sea-themed bedding or plush toys can blend the functionality and fun of their bedroom escape.  For a little more excitement, the Shark Reef brings the looming power and sheer delight of the depths of our beautiful oceans. Showcasing breathtaking ocean life including a bullhead shark, dolphins, and other aquatic creatures. Including items such as framed shark teeth, real pieces of coral or even a fish tank can turn your space into your own private aquarium. The possibilities are endless.

The Traveling Teen

It can be hard to believe just how quickly time can pass. Within the blink of an eye, our youngsters are no longer interested in the simple whimsy of childhood imagination and begin to immerse themselves in the immense and adventurous world at their fingertips. The possibility of becoming whomever you want, and traveling to cities beyond the perimeters of their hometown can excite a passion that lasts through the rest of their adult life. 

Our catalog of eclectic and fascinating scenes includes desirable destinations such as the Grand Canal, highlighting the brilliance of a summer’s evening in Milan, Italy. Or enjoy the contrast of city lights and smooth colors depicted in the Chicago Skyline. Travel the city at ease, with historic locations including the Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower, and the luscious greenery of Grant Park. Incorporating subway maps or vintage city art is one way to tie your wall mural into the surroundings of your teen’s space.

Wall Murals completely change a kid's room!

Stretch across the expansive waters of the San Francisco Bay into the glimmering lights of the city with the San Francisco Bridge coast, this detailed illustration can transport you to the excitement of city life, a fascinating prospect for those seeking to relocate to more urban and populated areas in adulthood. Utilizing graffiti art with bright-colored fabrics helps bring the life of the city into the comfort of your home.

Through It All

Having the ability to spark imagination from an early age with an outlet for self-expression is an invaluable tool that can be carried the length of one’s life. From simple childhood magic to the incredible enriching textures and colors of the world around us, Biggies Wall Murals illustrates where you are, to where you want to be. From the center of a bustling city to the cool waters of a hidden forest, we can take you across the world, while you simply cross your living room, dorm, bedroom, or nursery. Where you go, we will follow and join you on whatever journey you find yourself on in this life.