DIY Basement Remodel – Top Budget-Friendly Ideas

Declutter is the first step in basement remodeling

Revitalizing your space doesn’t have to mean calling in a whole team of professionals; neither does it require handing over an arm and a leg. 2024 is the year of endless possibilities, and that means finally transforming your basement into the cozy haven you’ve always known it could be. Dive into this list of DIY budget-friendly basement remodeling ideas and embrace your inner designer to create a renewed, inviting space.

DIY #1: Organize & Declutter

When it comes to interior design, less is more. While decluttering may not sound as creative or industrious as the other DIY projects, we all know that eliminating extraneous items from a room that hasn’t been sorted through in a while can be quite the arduous undertaking.

From sorting through boxes of keepsakes to opening yet another junk drawer, decluttering the basement can seem like a daunting, never-ending endeavor. However, organizing and decluttering are of utmost importance when it comes to a budget basement remodel. Essentially, the build-up of things you never use can get in the way of other design initiatives. Clearing your basement of unnecessary items not only paves the way for a more inviting and cozy space but unleashes your creativity, allowing your basement to be brought back to life.

Ask yourself, “What is worth keeping?” Start with non-sentimental items first, assessing if you’ve used each item within the last two years. If not, it’s probably safe to toss.

The Art of Feng Shui & Activating Empty Space

Remember the value of empty space in your home. Think Feng Shui – not every nook and cranny needs decoration; just a few pieces relating to each other can provide a cohesive and refined style, and some empty space can make your basement feel tidy and open. While it’s easy to see the value in objects, sometimes people overlook the importance of their space. Space can be a valuable creative element in your new design plan. Consider activating empty space – styling your furniture to turn free space into distinguishable forms – and utilizing negative space. Measure up the value of a given item to the prospect of extra space and keep only things that you’ll truly benefit from. 

If a box of items has sentimental value, consider digitizing them. Many companies specialize in transforming photographs and physical memories into a digital version, such as Memories Renewed and Legacy box, allowing you to stay in possession of your fondest mementos while also enjoying the space in your home. 

Using Space Effectively 

In some cases, the solution to tidying up a space may not necessarily be to get rid of the extra stuff lying around. Sometimes the real task is to use your space more effectively. Reworking your space can include building new shelving, finding storage in new places (i.e. backs of doors, under beds), and taking advantage of any multifunctional furniture pieces you have. For example, to make a closet feel more roomy, consider putting shoes on an over-the-door shoe rack and perhaps incorporating some floating wall shelving in the higher wall area.

DIY #2: Install Window Well Liners

Replace a dreary window view with one that draws the eyes and serves as a captivating focal point of your space. Gazing out the basement window only to be met with a bleak patch of rocks or a boring metal wall  is a sure way to depress the mood of your space. Rather than look out to a doom and gloom view, conjure good vibes with an engaging landscape.

Window well liners have proven to be an innovative breakthrough in modern interior design, replacing views of galvanized metal with breathtaking nature scenes. Whether it be a secret garden, a bucolic countryside, or a stunning golf course beside an idyllic body of water – there’s a perfect DIY window well for every basement. 

So why choose a window well scene for your basement over a traditional painting or artsy photograph? Well, there are a few reasons why interior designers choose window well scenes as the go-to art piece for basements.

Utilizing Natural Light 

First, window well murals retain the influx of natural light from your window. Even if the subpar view is worth covering up, the natural light does not have to go with it. While a traditional piece of art like a painting or photograph would replace that dreary basement vista, it would also bring the unwanted result of blocking the influx of natural light. With natural light being one of the most crucial components for brightening the mood of any space, it’s important not to overlook this factor. Window well scenes are specifically designed to replace the uninspiring view while simultaneously salvaging the inflow of natural light – the perfect solution.

Built for Window Wells

Additionally, window well liners are specifically built for the rounded shape of your window well. Approximately 30 million homes have window wells, and they curve around your basement window in a semicircle. Rather than covering a window well with a piece of art that doesn’t quite fit the purpose, using a window well liner will allow for a perfect fit. Moreover, the edges may be trimmed to customize it to your specific window well size.

Affordable & Stylish

Another huge benefit is that window well liners bring an aesthetic charm to your basement at an affordable rate. Rather than paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a custom photograph or piece of art, you can opt for a spectacular sunset over the mountains, and for less than $40. Besides this piece of art, you can feature various window well decorations, such as figurines or string lights, to reinforce your personal style.

DIY #3: Install New Flooring

install new flooring - rubber can be designed in bold colors

Ready for a basement DIY that will completely renew your basement’s appeal? By replacing worn-out carpeting or adding flooring to bare concrete, you can bring a new-found warmth to even the coldest, most desolate of basements. While professional installation rapidly hits the thousands, there are plenty of high-quality DIY options that can transform your space without breaking the bank.

Rubber Mat – Ideal for Gyms or Playrooms

Rubber mat floors provide a relatively inexpensive solution, perfect for home gyms or kids’ playrooms. Rubber flooring is durable, easy to clean, and low-commitment. Whether for a kid’s playroom or an adult game room, rubber flooring provides a renewed look to your basement, making it warmer and more inviting.

Similarly, interlocking tile mats also come in carpeted versions and faux wood styles. People prefer this DIY flooring option because it’s specially engineered for durability but offers a very homey and polished appearance. It’s also a super easy installation, as you simply peel and stick a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Another popular flooring idea for basements is vinyl flooring. One of the primary issues with basement flooring is water, as in moisture rising from below the concrete or water permeating the concrete from the top down (i.e. flooding). Vinyl flooring has you covered if water has been an issue, as the material is highly resistant to water damage and will generally endure a damp environment. Vinyl also does not need to be nailed down to the ground, so no drilling or long-term commitment is required. While vinyl can be glued down, there are numerous floating floor options that can be laid directly over basement concrete with no adhesive, as they are designed with DIY’ers in mind.

Ultimately, ridding your space of a poorly-aged carpet or adding a layer to a cold concrete ground can do wonders for your basement, providing for a renewed, warmer, and more inviting experience.

DIY #4: Wall Murals

Choose an attention-grabbing wall mural to brighten a gloomy space. There are so many benefits to bringing art into your home, and while many assume art comes with a hefty price tag, there are tons of affordable options that can complement your home’s unique style.

Is your space drawing on a Farmhouse aesthetic? 

This style is known for boasting a rustic country style, drawing on the craftsman movement. The farmhouse is functional and utilitarian, yet remains classically timeless, built to withstand the changing seasons and trends. Commonly featured colors include burgundy, green, and blue. In this case, you may opt for a wall mural with rustic, old-timey charm, perhaps one featuring fall colors or a traditional wooden barn.

Is your home coastal-themed?

If your crib is inspired by a more coastal style, you could alternatively select a serene island mural or a peaceful ocean vista. Rather than using high-energy colors like red and orange, the conspicuous coastal aesthetic is characterized by a sandy palette of soothing neutral tones, along with deep blues and greens. The natural color scheme, with soft blue hues and earthy undertones, reflects the calm of relaxing by the ocean. Drawing on inspiration from the outdoors, the sand, the sky, and the shore, coastal design aims to conjure peace and tranquility.

Ultimately, a striking piece of art can become the soul of a space, catching eyes and stimulating conversation. It can be the thing that ties a room together or shapes the style of all pieces going forward.

Ready for a Budget Basement Remodel?

Transforming your basement into the inviting retreat you envision does not have to be the back-breaking or wallet-thinning ordeal that some claim. Start with decluttering, a foundational step that creates room for innovation and design freedom. Then, explore the transformative power of budget-friendly window well liners and revamp your flooring with an accessible DIY option. While professional installation is handy, there are endless options for floors that you can install yourself, and often these are exceptionally durable as well. Lastly, embrace your artistic side, selecting a captivating wall mural to match your home’s distinctive aesthetic. Ultimately, there are numerous budget-saving ways to bring a renewed sense of style to your space. So, roll up your sleeves, and embrace your inner Joanna Gaines as you try different approaches to making over your basement and tailoring its aesthetic to your unique personality and comfort. 

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