Create an Assisted Living Room that Feels Like Home

Transform and Assisted Living Room with a Wall Mural

If our run-in with COVID-19 has taught us anything, being restricted to limited spaces can be a risk to our mental health. Exploration and visual stimulation are some of the key factors in our collective human experience. As unnatural as it was to be locked inside our homes and living quarters, it brought to the table the conversation of those who cannot enjoy outdoor activities, with or without the threat of serious illness. It also emphasized the importance of the environment in which our family members and loved ones spend the majority of their indoor time. When taking into consideration the environmental impacts our surroundings have on our mental and emotional well-being, we are more inclined to find innovative ways of creating a space that meets these needs. With Biggies Wall Murals, you are able to easily change the mood of a room as well as the mood of the individual residing in it.

Home Away from Home

As life expectancy continues to rise, an influx of assisted living residency has risen with it. Reduced activity and lack of interaction with outside elements, which is common in assisted living communities, have been shown to have a devastating effect on physical and mental well-being. Anxiety and depression are two well-documented adverse effects of moving into assisted living conditions.

Assisted Living Rooms can be plain

When making the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, these factors should be taken into careful consideration to ensure a seamless rehoming process. Elements that are positive and uplifting are essential tools when transitioning to assisted living. Biggies’ large, durable landscape posters can be displayed in and out of your home to provide enrichment and contrast to your everyday environment. These simple-to-install, lightweight prints are available in a variety of sizes and can be used in almost any living space, new or familiar.

Personalize Your Space with Biggies Wall Murals

Biggies Wall Murals can be utilized to help ease the transition into an assisted living lifestyle. Having a wide variety of options, which can alter a room’s aesthetic, gives any individual the freedom to easily change the ambiance of their home. 

A Variety of Landscapes to Choose From

It is scientifically proven that different colors have different effects on one’s mood which can be an important tool to utilize when deciding the color scheme of your living space. While the color blue evokes a feeling of relaxation, it can be a heavy hue not suited for a dark or dimly lit space. Using a variety of lifting colors such as pinks or yellows can instill a positive shift in the elemental structure of the room. Luckily, our catalog of posters includes an extensive selection of color palettes. 

An easy way of bringing personal touches to a new and often cold living area is to peek into the life of the individual you are constructing the living space for. Did they enjoy the colors and textures of tending a flower garden? Our Garden poster would be a perfect match. Incorporating a wide variety of floral patterns and vibrant coloration, this scene transports you from the dullness of an empty wall to the sensation of visiting your favorite park.

Transform a bedroom with a wall mural

Perhaps they gravitated towards snow-kissed mountain peaks etched into the landscape of their horizon? Our Italy Valley poster could be the ideal choice. Blending the stark contrast white of fresh snow and the earth-toned greenery of the valley situated against it, you can practically feel the chilled air in your lungs. For those who found the city their constant companion, our catalog of unique and aesthetically pleasing artwork includes the New York City and Chicago Skyline as well as the San Francisco Bridge, detailing the vibrant lights illuminating the horizon of the city.

Was the seaside a place of comfort? Our Castaway or Sunset Island scenes bring the ocean right to you. Both incorporating the lush visuals of blue waters and evergreen palm trees, these scenes bring the natural calming elements of turquoise, pink and earth tones into your home.  Our Sunset poster scene also incorporates the relaxing element of water, paired with the positive vibrancy of the setting sun, combining the sensation of calm and vibrant color in one. Get lost in our Misty Forest highlights rich textures of moss and forest green, colors proven to lower anxiety, lift your mood, and reduce stress. 

Always take into consideration the person’s taste to help better create a personalized living space. Whatever their passion or pleasure may have been in their independent life, there is a poster that brings a little of that magic back into their lives. No matter where you consider home to be, Biggies Wall Murals offer a way of showcasing your interests in your personal space.

Budget Friendly

When every dollar counts, making room for added expenses may not always be possible. While many nursing homes and assisted living facilities offer outstanding care and structure, all of this comes at a cost. Biggies’ landscape posters offer a significant visual improvement to any space starting at less than $100.

A Change of Scenery 

Our extensive catalog of posters gives you and your loved one the option to change their scene at their own heart’s desire. Our specially designed hook and loop adhesives make it easy to remove one poster and mount another, which comes in handy for locations that experience seasonal changes with the weather, or for those who thrive with continued visual variety. One day could be sunny skies on our Carolina Coast, the next a walk through the dark and enchanting thicket of a misty forest. There is no limitation, and the choice is always yours.

Built to Last

Not only are Biggies posters designed for creating and renewing the general aesthetic of your living space, but they also have the durability to withstand severe weather fluctuations such as heat and extreme cold. Whether you install your prints in the blazing sun of an Arizona afternoon, or the frost-frozen wells of the Alaskan wilderness, our posters will hold true to their shape, never fading in color or contrast. Having been printed on heavy-duty substrate, your posters are easy to wash, maintain, and store with little to no complications. Resistant to bending and almost impossible to tear, our posters are safe from damage in the most inclement of environments. Having the ability to be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces provides endless possibilities for you and your family.

Bring the Comforts of Home to Nursing Homes

Finding ways of transforming an assisted living space into a functional and safe setting can be a daunting task with limited options. Invoking the comfort and continuity of home with Biggies landscape posters give you the ability to wipe the slate clean as often as needed with budget-conscious options while providing your loved ones the stimulation and choice to live a full and enjoyable life in the assisted care facility they call home.